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Why Choose Us?

Few reasons why people managers love CoachPoints

Quickly add team

Easily add team members to coach for on-the-job feedback

Easily note inputs

Easily add feedback and trajectory for each team member for on the job coaching

One-click coaching

Generate personalised guidance note and coaching exercises for team mates based on feedback from manager

View your team's trajectory

CoachPoints provides a single view of your team in one place where people managers can easily add their teammates and view their current performance

Easily add and remove teammates
Single view on team performance
Accessible on web and mobile
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Easily add team members to coach for on-the-job feedback

Streamline coaching inputs for your team

CoachPoints helps managers note down inputs for any teammate easily and quickly. Jot down rough points on your teammate's trajectory, what's going well and what can be better - consolidated in one place.

Easily note rough coaching inputs
Segregate inputs by skill including details & examples
View what's going well and what can be better in one place
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Easily add feedback and trajectory for each team member for on the job coaching

Personalised coaching plans for your team

CoachPoints leverages latest LLM AI technology to create a personalised coaching plan for each teammate based on your rough inputs. Practical mini exercises are suggested based on your teammate's areas of improvements so that they can learn and grow on the job.

Guidance and coaching plan tailored by you for your team
Practical mini exercises personalised for each teammate
Powered using latest AI models
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Generate personalised guidance note and coaching exercises for team mates based on feedback from manager

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People managers in leading companies use CoachPoints to drive a culture of continuous growth

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We enable relevant & personalised coaching for every team member


Personalised coaching by you, for your team


Reduction in preparation time to coach team

International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
70% of individuals who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills

Corporate Leadership Council
Good coaching strategies can reduce staff turnover by up to 32%

Institute for Corporate Productivity
65% of employees from strong coaching cultures rated themselves as highly engaged

Our Pricing

CoachPoints is free to try. Choose the plan that's right for your team.



5 teammate limit
5 AI coaching plans
Reference past plans
Analytics dashboard
Email support
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CoachPoints Plus

All starter features
Unlimited teammates
Unlimited coaching
Exclusive content
Priority email support
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Custom Pricing


All features in plus
HRMS integrations
Cloud integrations
Email & tool integrations
Dedicated 24/7 support
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Frequently asked questions


What type of managers use CoachPoints?

CoachPoints is a comprehensive coaching tool designed for individuals in a variety of people management roles.
Business Managers - Track team performance, provide structured feedback and develop tailored coaching.
Product Managers - Identify strengths and areas of improvement for team members, specifically in terms of product development, lifecycle management, and cross-functional collaboration.
Engineering Managers - Coach team members on complex technical skills, project management, and innovative thinking relevant to the tech domain.

How does CoachPoints enable me to be a more effective manager?

Our product is designed to support managers and leaders in coaching their team members effectively. It provides a platform to note down coaching inputs, generate guidance and coaching plans based on teammate specific inputs, and save these notes for future reference. In essence, CoachPoints is an invaluable tool for any leader aiming to optimize team performance, enhance individual growth, and create a collaborative and growth-oriented work environment.

How does the AI coaching plan feature work?

Our coaching plan generation feature uses advanced AI technology (GPT 4) to convert the feedback inputs from managers into a detailed guidance note and coaching plan for your teammates. These notes can be tweaked and edited as per the manager's discretion.

How often should I be creating coaching plans for my team?

CoachPoints streamlines on-the-job coaching for people managers. As such, we see our users note down coaching inputs for different teammates on a daily basis. Coaching plans are typically generated for each teammate every 1-2 weeks in-sync with 1-on-1 schedule between managers and direct reports.

What devices can I access CoachPoints on?

CoachPoints is designed to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. Our web app is accessible by any browser on both desktop and mobile to provide flexibility for manager's to add their inputs on the go

How secure is my data?

We prioritize the security of your data. Our product is designed with advanced security features, and we adhere to strict data protection regulations to ensure your information is kept safe and private.

What is the pricing structure for CoachPoints?

We offer three different plans:
Starter - Free plan that allows for up to 5 teammates to be added and 10 AI coaching plan generations.
CoachPoints Plus - $5 per per month, with an unlimited number of teammates and AI coaching generations.
Enterprise - Custom pricing with enterprise features, including HRMS, calendar and productivity tool integrations.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your My Account section. Once cancelled, your subscription will run until the end of your current billing cycle.